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Equine Services

Bronson Veterinary Services mobile unit allows us to make convenient house or farm calls. Our mobile unit is equip with x-ray, ultrasound, surgical instruments, and medications making it easy for us to perform many services including lameness evaluations, minor surgical procedures, reproductive services, and general preventative care. 

Horse Trailer

Wellness Care

Annual vaccinations are recommended to protect against multiple diseases and viruses from the environment and others carried by mosquitos.

We recommend vaccinating in the spring with Vetera-Gold, Potomac/Rabies, and Strangles.  Boostering the Potomac Vaccine mid summer when it is hottest out with help give extra protection and in the fall boostering the Flu/Rhino vaccine. 

Deworming should be done once a fecal sample has been checked - this ensure you are using the correct product and to see if its even necessary.




Every year in March we host an Annual Vaccine Clinic. Follow our Facebook Page so you don't miss out!

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Lameness/Sports Medicine


Bronson Veterinary Services knows just how important breeding is. We specialize in pre breeding preparations, artificial insemination with fresh or frozen semen, embryo transfer and implantation, ICSI. Most recently we are able to freeze semen for long term preservation and storage.

Foal/Neonatal Care

Shae and Foal

Bronson Veterinary Services facility is equip with cameras in each stall and a foal alert system to ensure your mare and foal have eyes on them at all times. We have a doctor on the premises at all times when on foal watch as well. Our stalls are connected right to the clinic so they are never too far away.

Internal Medicine


Pre-Purchase Evaluation

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