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Small Animal Services

Bronson Veterinary Services offers quality, modern medicine and care for you pet. We continually strive to offer the best treatment options for your pet to improve their overall wellbeing and quality of life. We work closely with referral hospitals to help provide you with the most advanced care options. 

Preventative Care

Bronson Veterinary Services and their staff believe in preventative care. Annual vaccinations and heartworm testing along with year round heartworm, flea and tick prevention is the best medicine! Vaccines given on an annual basis helps protest our pets from dangers in the environment or illnesses they can get from other animals - wild or domestic. Flea and tick preventative help stop the spread of lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses not just to animals but to people as well. Most heartworm preventatives also treat intestinal parasites keeping your family safe from Zoonotic parasites. Vaccinations should be started no later than 8 weeks for cats and dogs and be boostered every 4 weeks until they are 16 weeks old.

For a quote or custom preventative wellness plan for your pet contact our office at 517-369-2161.

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Non-Routine Care

Does your pet have an injury? or maybe they are a little under the weather? Our doctors are ready to help your pet get feeling better. Equipped with our in house diagnostics we should have an answer in no time! Then we'll be able to tailor a treatment plan to your pets needs. 



Whether the surgery is routine or in an emergency situation, you can be confident Bronson Veterinary Services will take good care of your pet. We offer the safest anesthesia, anesthetic monitoring, recovery, and pain management. 

Holistic/Alternative Medicine

Looking for alternatives to medications or surgical procedures? Sometimes we can heal the body with alternative therapies, or maybe the patient is not healthy enough to undergo a surgical procedure. Bronson Veterinary Services offer multiple alternative healing options.

  • Laser Therapy
  • Shockwave
  • Pro-Stride
  • Acupucture


Cancer is an unfortunate diagnosis that can happen to any animal. We are here to help from getting the diagnosis through developing a treatment plan. We offer multiple chemotherapy protocols at Bronson Veterinary Services, so your pet can receive treatments locally without having to drive to a referral hospital!

One chemotherapy protocol we offer is the Madison-Wisconsin protocol. We currently have multiple dogs in remission after completing this 19 week protocol!  



Sadly our pets can't brush their own teeth. But dental health is just as important to animals as it is to humans. For the daily dental care we carry dental treats loaded with enzymes to break down plaque and doggie (and kitty) toothbrushes and flavored toothpaste for the more mellow pets that are ok with daily brushing. When the plaque build up and gingival irritation reaches a certain degree a more thorough cleaning is required. We use the safest anesthetic protocols and monitor you pets vitals the entire time the dental cleaning is being performed. During our dental examination we also determine if any tooth extractions are required and are equipped to perform extractions! Don't put up with your dogs "doggie breath"! Give us a call to see if a dental cleaning is needed.



Bronson Veterinary Services has digital radiography, ultrasound, and an in house laboratory. We are able to get diagnostic images and quick results of bloodwork while you wait! 

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Emergency Services

We offer after hours emergency services to equine and companion animals until 10pm.  If you have an emergency please contact the office for the "on-call" veterinarians phone number on the after hours message.   We are not a 24-hour clinic so we do not have our clinic staffed with anyone staying overnight, but we will try to consult you about your situation and then decide if a doctor needs to meet you at our facility for care.


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